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SR-22 insurance isn’t a separate insurance policy but a certificate that your insurance provider files with the state to prove that you have the required coverage. It verifies that your insurance policy meets the minimum liability coverage standards set by state law.

Bosway Auto Insurance Group, in Avondale, Arizona, is here to help you understand SR-22 insurance and get appropriate coverage at favorable rates.

What Does SR-22 Insurance Cover?

Arizona drivers must have auto insurance that includes minimum liability coverage for accident-related bodily injury and property damage. If you must file an SR-22, you must also have auto insurance that meets Arizona’s minimum requirements.

When Is SR22 Insurance Required?

An SR-22 filing may be required if a driver needs to reinstate their driving privileges following a suspension or revocation due to certain traffic offenses. Common scenarios necessitating an SR-22 include DUI/DWI convictions, at-fault accidents without sufficient insurance or accumulating excessive traffic violations.

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If you need SR-22 certification or want more information on SR-22 insurance costs and policies, Bosway Auto Insurance Group offers expert guidance and support. Contact us today for a personalized auto insurance quote.

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